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We understand that your choices are profoundly personal ones. Visit one of our elegant boutique settings to consult privately with a board certified breast care specialist or make special arrangements for a hospital, nursing home or an assisted living visit at no extra charge. We carry several major manufacturer's products for breast forms and post-mastectomy products including American Breast Care (ABC), Amoena, Anita, Classique, Jodee, and Trulife.
Amoena Style 2133
Don't lose your benefits...Many insurances may allow for up to 12 bras per year (up to 3 every 3 mos.). Items not received before the end of a quarter will be forfeited. Medicare, Medicaid and most other insurance companies may allow you to have:

  • Up to 12 bras per year
  • 2 foam leisure / swim forms (per side of surgery) OR
  • Up to 12 bras per year • 1 silicone breast form (per side of surgery - every other year)

Make your appointment now, before you lose your benefits!
Pink Promistes Bra Schedule

Boardman Medical Supply's Pink Promises Post-Mastectomy Boutique has a vast selection of solutions to restore confidence, balance and body image. For women who have had all types of breast surgeries: Mastectomy, Lumpectomy, Reconstruction, Uni-Lateral / Bi-Laterial Surgeries, and Lymphedema compression management and therapy. Consult with one of our a board certified breast care specialists for a discreet and private consultation in one of our elegant, private settings.
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